Learn from GM: 3 Tips to “Recession Proof” Your Retirement

Retirement sounds easy when everything is expanding. But how do you know you are on track if the economy starts to slow after 9 1/2 years of growth?
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Retirement sounds easy when everything is expanding.  But how do you know you are on track if the economy starts to slow after 9 1/2 years of growth?  Retirees who don’t apply what history repeats may not get another chance.

3 Tips to Apply What History Repeats in Retirement Planning

Watch this video and you’ll discover what the rich have been doing for years.

Why should you care …?

Fact – We are currently in the 2nd Longest Economic Expansion

… You may not think a Recession is Near, but is it worth the risk when it comes?

In the video you will see these 3 key insights;

  1. New RoI – Reliability of Income –  To make wealth, focus on Return on Investment.  To make that wealth work for you long term, focus on Reliability of Income.
    • How much of your income is guaranteed?
    • If your investment portfolio went down 30%, would you still feel comfortable taking income from your investments, traveling, and doing the things you want?
    • Is your portfolio growth based on projections using Monte Carlo or some other statistical simulator?
  2. Uncertainty – You cannot get rid of the uncertainty of the economy, politics, and policies, but you can Greatly Impact the Uncertainty in your own plan.  Your plan should not depend on interest rates, the growth of the S&P500, or who is in office.
  3. Wants vs. Needs = Freedom in Retirement – A fantastic plan will meet all your needs no matter the status of ANY OTHER FACTOR.  Wants, by definition, are extra.  If you have extra (discretionary assets) you shouldn’t have to tell yourself NO!  You deserve to live your best life in retirement.

Learn how the Rich protect the bulk of their assets … you may not even be interested, but at least you will know.

If it’s not worth SHARING, it’s not worth READING!!

Make a difference to a few.

BONUS – Income Stress Test – Learn how to quickly assess where you were, where you are, and where you are going.

“I wish someone would have told me this earlier.” Now you know!!

What exactly is the SMART MONEY doing? 

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