What is Retire Happily?

Retire Happily is an Online Resource for Financial Freedom Solution Strategies in Retirement Planning.


Retire Happily was designed from the ground up, to elevate your retirement experience. We are here for whatever you need … whether you;-

  • Just have a few questions, 
  • Want to run some things by us,
  • Want to confirm you are ‘All Set’
  • Are at a moment of transition, or 
  • Need a complete plan,


Who Is Retire Happily For?

Whether you are from a small town or a Big City, we are here with you every step of your way.

We use technology that makes working with your advisor easy. There is now no need to settle for advisors that are local. You deserve the best and you can have it all!

We have an endless opportunity and resources. Our number one priority is that you have an experience that exceeds your expectations, so much so, that you will want to refer others to Retire Happily regardless if we agree working together is mutually beneficial. Be critical of our process and your experience with us. All of your progress is a result of those who have gone before you and given us feedback on how we can better serve.

Welcoming on new clients is something we don’t take lightly, it is of utmost importance that we fully understand your situation, past experience, and future expectations before we begin to work together.

We are excited to hear from you!


 FAQs About the Retire Happily Process

  • Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy? Yes! You having an experience that exceeds your expectation is most important. Please be critical of our process. Anything you feel could be handled more effectively or more efficiently will become an area of focus for us to continue to transition from greatness to greatness. If you ever decide you would prefer to terminate our relationship for any reason, we will do everything in our power to transfer your assets quickly and efficiently to the destination of your choice. In short, we take great pleasure in serving our clients beyond their expectation and if you are not fully pleased, we want to know, and would never want you to feel held back to do what is best for you and your family.
  • What services do you provide? What are your specialties?We are most know for our ability to listen, understand, and fit together financial solutions strategies. That give you the highest probability of enjoying financial freedom and the least probability or regret. We provide investment advice and insurance planning, specializing in retirement preparation in areas you have vocalized you are concerned about AND areas you may not even know to ask about. We pride ourselves in being thorough and also being able to make complex things simple and easy for you.
  • What is your experience? How many clients do you currently manage?13 years experience with 426 clients actively served.
  • What financial institution(s) do you represent?We are independent, the relationships we have with financial institutions are various and flexible depending on our clients needs, the changing economic landscape, and technology. In short, we use whichever institution and products that provide the best solution strategy to our clients financial goals, needs, and preferences.
  • How do you charge for your services?Financial professionals can be compensated 3 ways. We are licensed to be compensated all 3 ways and we have a fiduciary responsibility to you. The 3 ways are; 1.) Fee for putting together a financial solution strategy 2.) Commission on setting up insurance plan 3.) Fee-based – monthly deduction from investment accounts. Usually your needs end up determining the best fit, but ultimately you decide what you prefer.
  • Do you provide a free initial consultation?Yes, there is no cost in the discovery process. In fact, it is often the case that we will be able to give you complete feedback on your current plan, and how it aligns with what is most important to you as at no charge. These candid interviews are vitally important to understand your needs, history, disposition, preferences, and maybe most importantly, determine if it is a good fit for us to work together in facilitating your financial freedom solutions strategy.
  • Why should I choose you as my financial advisor?I am not sure you should. Choosing the best listener, most empathetic, easiest to understand, most capable, most effective, most efficient, and most able to adapt and adjust your solution strategy as you age is monumental. Technology and experience. We make working together easy with the technology we have implemented and there is no need to be limited by yours or our geographic location. We are able to have highly impactful and effective meetings via video conferencing remotely. Don’t worry if you haven’t done much on FaceTime or Skype, we make it simple and easy for you.

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George Wells 

Meet the national teacher available for you.

George Wells the financial professional visionary

and coach for financial professionals.



2-3 Min. Daily Insights


The Financial Services Industry Has Changed Right Before Our Eyes.

This may sound blunt, but the reality is many savers are skeptical, maybe borderline cynical of; ‘salespeople’ touting past performance projections, the uncertainty of the future, and maybe the worst & feeling sold. And yet the need for sound retirement preparation and maintenance is increasingly more vital.

What I find after meeting and working with so many is that by conducting a proper interview to determine what is most important and really invest time in listening to the true motivators below the surface, it is possible to position your assets to get what you expect going forward and have a solution strategy you’re comfortable with, no matter the state of the economy.

Being a mechanical engineer, I find many complex things in life can be understood by a process. Although every individual is unique, as we go through the process of discovery together, our clients are best positioned to avoid the regret of disappointment.

I recall my grandfather asking me, If something you believed to be true turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?

 My Services

Portfolio Management

Our partnership with Versaille Capital allows for a wide variety of portfolio management from a simple mutual fund and ETF models to more complex dividend portfolios, stock, bond, cd and options strategies at your disposal.

Retirement Planning

Let’s face it, transitioning to retirement and navigating through the life changing (seen and unforeseen) events admittedly can be daunting. We believe you should be positioned to have more options as you age so you are able to adapt and adjust as needed. Helping you feel Financial Freedom in Retirement is our Claim to Fame!

401K Rollovers

Many retirees and financial professionals are not aware of the special tax allowances for after tax money in their company savings plan. We rollover your 401k with ease into a strategy that fits your needs and gives you the autonomy you deserve.


Annuities are a careful place for your retirement assets. Some seem to good to be true while others may seem horrific. If you have an annuity you have questions about or if you were told you should get some specific annuity, we can help you discern the pros and cons to give you the information to make the wise choice.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Having an updated and appropriate will, trust, power of attorney, and other estate planning documents will save you and your family a lot of potential hassle, contention and expenses.

Tax Planning & Mitigation

Income taxes can be one of the largest expenses in retirement. Paying attention to and planning consistent ‘taxable income’ is the key to finding the most effective and efficient strategy.

Investment Management & Advice

Unfortunately, many of those we are referred to are unclear about exactly how some of their investments work, how they benefit them, and why they perform the way they do relative to market conditions and fees. We take time to investigate each investment vehicle you are using / considering and show you the pros and cons relative to your situation.

Insurance Planning

We often see extremes with those who are referred to us … Over-Insured, Under-Insured, or Neglected-Insured. Auditing older insurance you may have and evaluation of intent for use of one greatest tax advantage accounts the IRS allows. Also, in the coming of age of Living Benefits, Life Insurance can be the ‘too good to be true’ alternative to traditional Long Term Care.

Wealth Management

More than a few of those referred to us have commented “Managing Wealth is harder for me than Creating Wealth”. Making wise short and long term choices with your investment portfolios is can literally be the difference between financial life and death. It is our privilege to Shepard the wealth you have labored to save and grow in the way you are most comfortable and meets your intentions.

Risk management

Managing Risk is directly connected to feeling Financial Freedom in Retirement. Statistical analysis in great, but knowing your bottom line brings peace of mind.

Money Management

Having cash options that always leave you feeling like you have more than enough flexibility to do the things you planned and ALL the little and big things that come up that you haven’t planned is prudent to feeling freedom in retirement and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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