How Can I Privately Change My Estate Planning Goals

When building and adjusting your estate plan, be aware of the right question to ask that will help you achieve your retirement planning goals.
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If you have a change in your family, health or wealth situation, go back to the attorney who drew up your documents, and have him or her make the needed revisions. If you change your estate-planning goals, make sure all your documents reflect your current wishes.  You, your trustee and your attorney are the only ones who will be privy to that information. It’s often best to keep details like this confidential because someone who is receiving less of an inheritance than someone else might get upset, not knowing the whole story. It might cause contention. 

Where Do I Start Building or Adjusting My Estate Plan?

In the process of building and adjusting your estate plan, it is helpful to be aware of the right question to ask that will help you achieve your retirement planning goals. If you are ready to talk to an Estate Planning professional there are a few important questions that help you avoid the feeling of buyers remorse. What if you get your estate plan all set up and then you realize you want to change something? Knowing if you can change your estate planning goals after finishing the paperwork would be helpful. Where Do I Get Started With My Estate Plan? Being informed about your options adds strength to your plan and is the best place to start.


Topics Covered in This Video:

-Adjusting Your Estate-Planning Goals: Adapting to Changes
-Can I Make Changes to My Estate Plan Once It’s in Place?
-After Trust: What’s Next After Setting Up a Trust?
-Building and Adjusting Your Estate Plan
-Where Do I Get Started With My Estate Plan
-Who Should I Contact About Estate Planning?
-Estate Planning Attorney Referral
-Question You Should Be Asking About Estate Planning


Questions You Should Be Asking

If you are curious about questions you should be asking, things that you should know, please contact us. We are here for you. When I first started in the financial services business, being an engineer as I am, I developed a process by which I could teach people about what they have and how it is aligned with what’s most important to them. I’ve done that as a public service for groups of people, and I have developed videos that anyone can watch, share and rewatch to gain valuable education.

This is a resource we have developed for you, for your benefit. We are a financial firm that makes money. We are a financial firm that takes new clients. But we also consider ourselves as a resource to the public. We believe in providing you with valuable information at no charge. We know that it can be intimidating to ask someone for help, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer or if you feel like you’re all set. We aren’t trying to sell you anything. We are here for you as a resource, and we get a lot of clients as the indirect result of doing so.

Thank you so much for viewing, for sharing, for engaging, for benefiting. It’s all for you.

You might need us, but you might not. Maybe you came here and got all the information you need, and you are thinking, “I feel a little guilty because I got all this stuff from them and gave them nothing.” Well, share it. Send it to somebody else…or don’t. We are here for you. We are here for your benefit, so feel free to use all our materials to learn something new. We will be here, still serving you and giving you information.

Start Building Your Estate Plan Today

You are probably wondering, “What’s next? How do I turn this information into insights that can help me prepare my estate plan?”

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