Will SpaceX Change Investments in New Technology?

It is hard not rooting for the underdog. In an industry of giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, SpaceX faced many trials. But one thing that proved to be true throughout his life is Elon Musk is no quitter. 

After multiple failures and unsuccessful rockets, there was considerable doubt amongst many critics. But continually pushing boundaries and endless determination made SpaceX a success, and it unlocked the potential for future innovative technology and investments. 

Let’s talk about what this means for you, and the impact on the stock market.

New Technology Investments Options from SpaceX

 If you look at the history of our space exploration programs, you will find many new industries came to life as a product of intense research. We can only imagine the genius inventors are discovering amazing new technologies in the SpaceX program. We may not be able to invest in SpaceX directly anytime soon, but we should be on the watch for new technologies that spring up and create industries worth investing your money.  

 Examples of technology industries created or perfected by NASA :

  1. Artificial limbs
  2. Lasik eye treatment
  3. Light-emitting diodes in medical therapies
  4. Invisible braces
  5. Scratch-resistant lenses
  6. TEMPUR foam
  7. Portable cordless vacuums
  8. Freeze drying
  9. Space-age swimsuit
  10. CMOS image sensor
  11. Bowflex


The Bowflex is not what initially comes to mind when you think about successful space investments, but the potential of new technologies in other areas will be a large part of the successes from this launch. As of right now, you can not buy stock in SpaceX, but the technology to come from this project could be a game-changer in the future of the market. We can already see SpaceX putting pressure on Boeing and its tie to shareholders. 

The question worth asking is, will we be able to invest in SpaceX directly, or can we only invest in the new technologies it creates in its journey to space?


Creating a New Space Race Vs. Boeing

Space X went toe to toe with publicly traded Boeing in a race to space and came out the winner. What does this mean for the space industry?

Elon Musk is ambitious and has a growth plan for the aerospace industry. Initially, there was a push for Boeing to be the sole company receiving a contract from NASA. Now that this launch was a success, the question still stands about SpaceX becoming a publicly-traded company.

As for Boeing, the Coronavirus’s effects are still making the most significant impact on their stocks. 


Will SpaceX Success Affect Tesla and Other Musk Related Stocks?

The fact that Elon Musk succeeds at any expense gives him a good following of loyal customers. At this time, when investing in technology, most people are erring on the side of lesser risk, unlike Elon Musk. The Coronavirus has created a ripple effect that extends even into the choices of those investing. Risky technology is not popular during this time. 

Other Musk related companies:

  1. SpaceX
  2. Tesla Motors
  3. Paypal
  4. DeepMind Technologies
  5. The Boring Company


Simple Conclusion

We may not be able to invest in SpaceX now or anytime soon but, we can be ready to invest in the cutting edge technologies created by new competition in an old industry. Many new industries were created from technology developments by NASA in the past, and SpaceX has the potential to repeat history.


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