The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning (Full Video)

Watch this ultimate in-depth estate planning video guide. We will review the basics, and more, with regards to setting up and managing your estate plan.
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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning by Retire Happily. If you are curious about planning in advance for long-term care expenses or your focus is on the Do It Yourself Beneficiary, managing assets for your children’s inheritance and overcoming challenges families face without an estate plan is financial freedom in retirement.

Watch this complete estate planning review to see who needs an estate plan and how to utilize tax-free advantages in life insurance with the different estate types and trusts. People Often ask me “How does life insurance affect estate planning and Should I consider life insurance in my estate plan?” Want to know if those are the right question to be asking a professional?  

Start Building Your Estate Plan Today

You are probably wondering, “What’s next? How do I turn this information into insights that can help me prepare my estate plan?”

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The Basics of Estate Planning

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Topics Covered in the Full Length Estate Planning Video :

-Welcome – 00:00
-What is Estate Planning and What Is It For? 01:18
-Who Needs an Estate Plan? – 04:47
-What Does an Estate Plan Do to Protect You and Your Family? – 08:16
-Managing Assets for Your Children’s Inheritance in Your Estate Plan – 08:24
-Problems with Putting Kids Names On Your Accounts – 08:50
-Challenges Families Face Without an Estate Plan – 09:34
-Family Divorce in Your Estate Plan – 10:01
-Disability Benefits For Your Child – 10:18
-Managing Addiction in Your Estate Plan – 10:36
-Keeping Inheritances in Your Bloodline – 10:54
-Appointing A Guardian and Trustee for Your Child – 11:19
-Common Misconceptions About Estate Planning and Probate – 11:40
-How to Properly Customize Your Estate Plan Forms – 11:44
-Assets and Beneficiary Planning – 13:08
-Dividing Who Gets What in Your Estate Plan – 13:44
-Is An Estate Plan Just For The Rich? – 14:42
-What is a Power of Attorney and What are the Biggest Fears 15:53
-Misconceptions About “One Size Fits All” Estate Planning – 19:36
-Estate Plan You Don’t Need? – 20:05
-Should We Be Afraid of Probate? – 20:38
-What Are the Responsibilities of A Trustee? 21:29
-Most Asked Questions About Estate Planning – 23:26
-1. Do I Need An attorney to Help With My Estate Plan? – 23:30
-2. Can I Change My Mind After I Set Up An Estate Plan? – 24:22
-3. Do I Need an Estate Plan? – 24:38
-4. How Do I Find A Good Estate Planning Attorney? – 26:10
-5. What’s the Difference Between A Will and A Trust? – 27:22
-6. What Else Do I Need to Consider About Estate Planning? – 28:24
-7. How to Store Your Estate Planning Documents? – 29:28
-8. Are There Tax Fees On An Estate Plan? – 32:32
-9. What’s the Difference Between Life Insurance and Traditional Investing? – 34:29
-10. What Do Savers Do With the Money They Have to Take Out? – 34:54
-11. What is A Living Benefit? 35:36
-12. How Does Elder Law Affect Estate Planning? – 36:25
-13. Why Do I Need a Financial Power of Attorney in My Estate Plan? – 37:47
-14. What’s a Fiduciary and Why Should I Trust You? – 39:50
-15. How to Prepare Funeral Expenses and Final Arrangements in Your Estate Plan – 40:30
-Wills and Trusts: Definitions, Problems, and Differences – 41:52
-What is Living Trust – When is it Yoo Late to Get One? – 41:54
-Is My Old Trust Garbage and Can I Change It? – 42:21
-What’s the Difference Between a Revocable Trust and an Irrevocable Trust? What Can Be Changed? – 42:49
-When Would You Make A Irrevocable Trust? – Protection? – 44:35
-Addressing Problems With Assigning A Trustee – 45:29
-Mistakes That Trustees Often Make – 48:28
-What’s the Advantage to An Attorney That Specializes in Wills and Trusts – 50:22
-Life Insurance and Long-Term Health Care in Your Estate Plan – 51:40
-What Benefits Come With Life Insurance in Estate Planning – 51:47
-Two Activities of In-home Daily Living – 52:37
-Tax-Free Advantages in Life Insurance – 53:27
-Should I consider Life insurance in my estate plan? – 53:51
-How Does Life Insurance Affect Estate Planning? – 55:27
-Planning in Advance for Long-Term Care Expenses – 58:00
-Estate Planning Review: Estate Types and Trusts – 59:59
-The Default Estate Plan – 59:59
-Do It Yourself Beneficiary – 01:00:39
-Transfer on Death – 01:01:03
-Durable Power of Attorney – 01:01:26
-Medical and Financial Durable Power of Attorney Done by a Professional – 01:02:12
-Can I just Get the Forms Online and Do It Myself? – 01:02:45
-How Often Should I Review My Estate Plan? – 01:03:45
-How Much Does Estate Planning Cost? – 01:04:21
-Last Will and Testament – 01:04:44
-What Does the Revocable Trust Do? – 01:05:31
-What Does the Irrevocable Trust Do? – 01:05:54
-What is an IRA Trust? – 01:06:17
-What is a Special Needs Trust? – 01:06:38
-What is a Medicaid Trust? – 01:06:58
-Building and Adjusting Your Estate Plan – 01:07:46
-Adjusting your estate planning goals – 01:07:53
-Can I Make Changes To My Estate Plan Once It’s In Place? – 01:09:17
-After Trust: What’s Next After Setting Up A Trust? – 01:09:46
-Building Your Estate Plan: What Do I do Now? – 01:10:52

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